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A day in the life of Skylar

*Escorting makes life exciting, by skylar*

I have worked for Noir since it was established and what an amazing time I’m having working here. I remember looking on Google for ‘Escort agency’ and speaking to Jen on the phone and instantly new from the beginning she was the type of person I wanted to work for.

Escorting is a massive contrast to my office job through the day, but there’s something very exciting about wearing a sexy outfit underneath my work clothes and popping out for ‘lunch’

My day starts early, I wake up around 6am and start my day with yoga (to keep in shape and meditate) this really contributes to what my clients mention in my reviews when they say I’m warm, smiley and friendly, yoga just totally relaxes me and gives me a totally positive mindset to fully take in and enjoy every moment I have with my clients.

Whether I’m working for Noir through the day on my sneaky breaks from work or you meet me on an evening, I absolutely love putting effort in for my clients, picking out sexy underwear or shopping for something new to wear at my clients request is always an exciting part of my job.

In my spare time you will find me taking long countryside walks, at the spa, shopping, reading, cosy at home by the log fire watching Netflix or attending concerts. I also love to travel, usually very spontaneously and am often described as ‘free spirited’

Working for Noir has definitely filled some sort of missing piece I felt that I needed to add to my day to day routine. I have always been blessed with a very open mind and a different outlook towards adult work to what many people have , I love to explore and am totally comfortable in my own skin and I now have my absolutely amazing clients to share new experiences with. It’s cliche but we do only get one go at life, so there’s no time for wasting any of it, I experience everything to the fullest. I have a very positive non-judge mental attitude to adult workers or clients using adult workers and am open with many about what I do as my ‘second job’ I do wish more people would be more open minded to the industry but for now who cares because at least I’m having tonnes of fun!

I’ve worked in the industry for many years and love being able to provide a personalised bespoke service.

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